Hey Followers I am so excited to write  to all of you guys today. Remember when I told you yesterday that my best friend had a gift for the group today It was awesome. He planed something so amazing it is silly. He organized a rental car but not just a typical motor vehicle a 2011 Ford Mustang . I have never been in a top less car before. Driving up and down the sea-coast in a top less car is awesome. Feeling the air current in your bangs and just enjoying every instant of it is great. I did not believe that it was going to be that so much that entertaining when I first  into the car but once he steeped on the gas and  the motor i was enthusiastic. The beach was a mess of fun but going to the clubs in a Ford Mustang convertible women were all over me and my friends. Renting this car was a amazing thought and I think that  we are going to have to do that once more one time before long.  Get a rent a car is my only advice for today it will turn your life upside down.

So tomorrow is going to challenging to top yesterday but I believe that I am going to eat with with a friend tomorrow evening we will likely go some where nice. Besides all of that I will just chill and take it casual get ready for the busy work week. I am non crazy for Monday I will have a heap of work to do.