Hello nice morning fans hope everyone is doing well. Just to let you all know  you that last night was fabulous I had fun in Miami, Florida, I had a little to much to drink, but I had fun with my friends. After I got home I saw the Giant Bang theory it was fabulous, as always. While I was one tipsy I was thinking that I am a lucky man to live in Miami, Florida. My friends & I ended up on the beach last night  and we ended up on the beach. I can not imagine living in a city that has no beach there is so much to do on the beach. On the beach you can party, work out, relax, play, hang with the ladies, during the day or night., The beach is a amazing place. Most people in the world do not have the opportunity to live next to the beach and see what it is all about and that is why I felt so special. I would say last night was a very successful night.

I am excited for tomorrow though because one of my best friends are planning an epic night,and he is not allowed to tell anyone what the plan is.  So I am happy to see what is planned for tomorrow. Continue to follow  and I will talk to you tomorrow.